Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome!

After a six-year odyssey of schlepping around on other people’s websites, we are very pleased to finally stake out a homeland of our own here on the invariably wild and oft-times wonderful World Wide Web. To say that the journey has been fraught with peril is the acme of understatement, but there’s no denying that the effort thus far has been an unqualified success and we are greatly optimistic at the opening of this new chapter in the saga of Bokonon Books.

The development of this website has been a herculean task, and continues to be an ongoing process. While we do hope to implement a wide range of additional features as quickly as possible, the decision to launch as this stage was largely motivated be the desire to get something/anything available before the Boss was well past retirement age. Consider yourself to be an unwitting volunteer in our beta test.  As such, we welcome any and all constructive comments.

Please note that the items we currently have displayed here are merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In reality, Bokonon Books has inventoried more than 15,000 books, films, and educational toys and games covering a wide range of subjects and interests, all of which should be available through a basic search. If you are unable to locate a particular item, have questions about shipping, or need any other sort of assistance, please contact any of our eager and knowledgeable staff either by e-mail or phone and we’ll take care it right away (singing telegrams and edible arrangements are also perfectly acceptable methods of getting in touch).

We are genuinely committed to these ideas of quality and service. This may seem somewhat archaic in a culture where the medium truly has become the message, bumper stickers and emoji pretend to be viable forms of self-expression, and super-corporations have constitutionally protected civil liberties, but we have been pleasantly surprised throughout the years to discover an earnest and loyal client base of book lovers, educators, and life-long learners that value these things as much as we do. We hope that you will join our happy band of brothers for many years to come.