Choose It to Lose It: The Ultimate Pocket Guide to Save 500 Calories a Day!

$ 10.95

Choose It to Lose It covers all the everyday situations where food choices can derail your weight-loss efforts- the supermarket, coffee shop, fast food, restaurants, the vending machine, and even your own kitchen.

As simple as making a small change to your afternoon beverage routine or trying out a different topping on your morning pancakes, these easy-to-incorporate swaps a delicious photographs show you that losing weight doesn't mean you have to overhaul your whole diet.

  • Choose It to Lose It stands out from the competition because each swap shows you not only the calories saved but also the payoff in pounds
  • The fun, graphic look and quirky tone of this book makes the sometimes-dry subject matter engaging and entertaining.
  • Covers a wide range of topics, including particularly problematic areas such as eating out and beverages to grocery shopping and snacks. (Snacks account for one-fourth of the calories consumed in this country.)
  • Bonus nutrition information sprinkled gives reader extra nutrition information about the swaps they are making: fiber boosts, lower sodium, more fruits & veggie servings, etc.
  • A visually stunning design and more than 400 images makes this book easy to use.
  • The size and easy-to-use format make it easy to use and easy to store in your car or bag for on-the-go reference

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