St. Louis: Yesterday & Today

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St. Louis: Yesterday & Today celebrates the rich history of St. Louis, Missouri, one of America s most important and interesting cities, in 192 pages of beautiful imagery and fascinating stories This city of blues, brews, and shoes is a city of movement, of stability and strength, in the heartland of America. From ashes to the St. Louis Arch, the Gateway to the West comes alive within the pages of this book.

Explore St. Louis in a gorgeous pictorial journey. Discover the riverfront beauty and the history of St. Louis. Learn about:

  • The St. Louis fire of 1849, the St. Louis tornado of 1896, and the 1904 World s Fair (also called the Louisiana Purchase Exposition) 
  • The incomparable silhouette of the majestic St. Louis Arch, commemorating the launching point for intrepid explorers Lewis and Clark
  • The story of Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis
  • The riverboats and the mighty Mississippi River that flows through the city
  • Midtown, with such notable areas as Gaslight Square and the Grand White Way
  • The St. Louis Downtown/Riverfront area, host to sporting and celebratory events
  • Historic Busch Brewery, the Anheuser Busch legacy, and Budweiser beer
  • South City and the bustling Soulyards
  • Forest Park and The Highlands
  • The Scott Joplin House

Rare and nostalgic photos chronicle St. Louis s history, mixing with stunning modern-day imagery and tales of the people, the architecture, the neighborhoods, and the soul of the city. St. Louis: Yesterday & Today presents the full majesty of St. Louis as you have never seen it.

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