100 Diving Sites: Underwater Paradises Around the Globe

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Oceans cover more than two-thrirds of the surface of our planet, and there are many fascinating and unique diving sites around the world. The Red Sea and the Caribbean captivate divers with their glorious displays of color, the Raja Ampat archipelago in the Indo-Pacific region boasts the greatest diversity of species, and Truk Lagoon in the northern Pacific has shipwreck graveyards steeped in history. In northwest Florida, manatees enjoy meeting divers, while around the Turks and Caicos Islands the highlight is snorkeling with humpback whales, and, off the Socorro Islands of Mexico, manta rays allow divers to stroke them. There are extraordinary things to be found almost everywhere—and this book shows you precisely where to look. Dive down with us to gaze at the wonders of the oceans, into the fabulous world beneath the waves, where unforgettable adventures lie in wait.

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