The Wagamama Cookbook: 100 Japanese Recipes with Noodles and Much More

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Wagamama redefined the idea of fast food. From its first site behind the British Museum in London in the early nineties, it now has restaurants in Dublin, Amsterdam, and as far as Sydney, and has shown the way of the noodle to countless people in search of speedily cooked nutritious food at low prices.

This cookbook reveals how easy it is to enjoy the unique wagamama experience at home. Modeled on the 200-year-old ramen stalls of Japan, Wagamama provides a wide range of Japanese-inspired dishes based around noodles, rice, and fresh, quality ingredients. Many favorites from the menu are featured, as well as a host of newly created dishes—from mouthwatering appetizers and salads to hearty noodle soups and stir-fries—plus a range of exotic juices and desserts.

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