My Fellow Americans: The Most Important Speeches of America's Presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama

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The history of the United States lives in the words of its presidents-words that heal, inspire, and sometimes divide a nation and the world. My Fellow Americans brings to life two centuries of American history as you read and hear the presidential speeches that defined our nation's most dramatic moments.

My Fellow Americans presents, in text and on two audio CDs, more than forty of the greatest speeches from American presidents. Former White House chief speechwriter Michael Waldman introduces them, telling their dramatic stories and explaining their impact. In original essays, presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton describe the talks that influenced them the most. You'll also find captivating photographs, illustrations, and handwritten manuscripts, including:

  • Never-before-seen handwritten speech notes used by President Clinton
  • The speech, announcing an attack on Cuba, that President Kennedy did not have to give during the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • An actual photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg

The accompanying audio CDs let you hear these great speeches as they happened-some recordings are more than one hundred years old-and reenacted speeches from before the dawn of recorded audio. We hear the voices of every president since Benjamin Harrison. Experience some of our greatest moments, such as "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself "; "Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You"; and "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall." Hear Lyndon Johnson adopt "We Shall Overcome" for all Americans; John F. Kennedy proclaim "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" at the Berlin Wall; and a fascinating account by a man who saw and heard President Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address.

Hardcover (NEW) w/2CDs