Thailand: Authentic Regional Recipes

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Explore a world of flavors through this tour of Thai cuisine. Experience balance and harmony in authentic combinations of classic Thai ingredients. Learn about the diversity of Thai regional cooking, how the terrain and climate affect the recipes, and how the flavors and traditions of each area of the country come together to produce the most wonderfully fragrant and flavorful food. Thai food can be wonderfully simple but also extravagant and celebratory--discover everyday dishes and festival favorites in this collection.

Take a tour through the senses and experience every flavor and texture evident in a classic Thai meal. From quick, convenient appetizers and snacks, such as satay and spring rolls, to the hot and sour beauty of fresh Thai soups and crunchy noodle salads, moving on to creamy Thai curries and one dish rice and noodle recipes, through to the perfection of creamy, fruity Thai desserts.

Ingredients that make up the diverse cuisine such as lemongrass ginger, lime, chile, and garlic are combined to create elegant recipes. From mango salsa to grilled swordfish with lime and cilantro, the recipes in this indispensible guide to Thai cooking will entice your imagination as well as your taste buds. It will have  you reaching for kitchen utensils and imagining yourself cooking in the hustle and bustle of a Thai kitchen before you know it.

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