The Human Odyssey: Navigating the Twelve Stages of Life

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Many excellent volumes have been devoted to some of the key chapters in our lives, from classics on early childhood and the teen years to bestsellers that identify pivotal phases in adulthood. But renowned educator, parenting expert, veteran workshop leader, and successful author Thomas Armstrong, PhD covers the entire journey.

With Dr. Armstrong, we can travel through the first stirrings of life in the womb to the anticipation of death and even beyond. In a unique synthesis, he draws on a wide array of sources from various disciplines and cultures to fashion a compelling narrative. Scientific and psychological knowledge combine with personal accounts, literary passages, myths and legends, and psychospiritual perspectives to help enrich our understanding of the broad sweep of life. The result is a comprehensive, groundbreaking view of our development.

The core of this enlightening guide consists of twelve chapters, each describing of a different period of life, with its own unique changes, struggles, and growth. A final chapter poses the possibility that the voyage may even continue after physical death. Additionally, Dr. Armstrong includes a comprehensive bibliography with further reading, list of organizations, practical activities, and a filmography.

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