Hershey's 1934 Cookbook

$ 6.95

In 1934, Hershey published its own chocolate cookbook, filled with all kinds of wonderful chocolate desserts. It is from this source that many of the recipes have been taken and brought up to date for you to use today. We've revised some of the recipes, and added some others. Margarine wasn't around when the first Hershey book was published. Neither were electric blenders or no-stick pans, all the things that make baking a lot easier for you than it was for you mother. Even though the method of baking has become more convenient, the end product remains essentially the same. Hershey's test kitchens have taken painstaking care to assure the same wonderful flavor that has become a trademark of Hershey baked products throughout the years. We hope you enjoy the recipes, we hope you enjoy the book.

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