The Infographic History of the World

$ 21.95

The Infographic History of the World starts at the dawn of time and launches into a 13.8 billion-year journey. Four sections--In the Beginning, Getting Civilized, Nation Building, and The Modern World--present world history as a visual essay of facts, trends and timelines. It is history done in a new way, a beautifully designed collection of insightful and revealing infographics that tell us where we've been and where we're heading.

The book's design cleverly mirrors the content, opening with parchment-like paper stock, primitive typography and no color and progressing to glossy pages, minimalist design and brilliant color.

Seventy-four topics, 100 infographics and 224 pages weave a story of civilization and conquest, of war and peace, of science and invention, as well as some of the big issues of the day.

  • When did everything in the universe come into being?
  • When did the crusaders set sail?
  • Is religion growing or disappearing?
  • Which countries are eating all the food, causing all the pollution and taking all the drugs?
  • Do more guns equal more gun deaths?
  • What are we dying of and how quickly are we changing?
  • Will we survive the next millennium? 

The Infographic History of the World is as entertaining a reference as is possible. It will inspire and inform from its permanent place on the coffee table. It is for all ages and all interests and perfect for a society hooked on instant information.

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