Gleeson, the Last Vicar Apostolic of All of Alaska: The First Bishop of Fairbanks by Hiller, Carol Louise

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This personal story of Bishop Gleeson unfolds against the backdrop of early American growth and expansion, with special focus on Alaska as it evolved from a territory, was purchased by the United States and then achieved statehood.  This part of the globe is explored from the earliest introduction of Christianity into the territory by the Russian Orthodox priests until the growth leads to division into three dioceses by the Catholic church along with scattered Protestant development within the frigid climes. 

The life of Father Gleeson and his insights into the future of Alaska are woven together into a fabric that lets readers see a metamorphosis of Natives from hunters and gatherers toward a cultural subgroup that can cope with the demands of today’s world.  Gleeson served as the Last Vicar of All of Alaska, and one can capture a glimpse of a man with a servant-heart who was a Joyful Frontiersman for God.

Book (Paperback)